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Friday, July 30, 2021

 I glanced at a to-do list on my desk and saw the phrase "porn star name change."

Time to go home.

The actual note read "pastor name change" for our church directory. But when an editor can't read anymore, we must seek rest.

I won't complain about working much lately. It's a great sign. We're putting out good newspapers and our regional magazine, Visitor, is popular and getting better.

Despite always working daily newspapers, I always knew weekly editors worked harder because the few folks in the building had to do everything. That's fine because I've spent my career helping colleagues in other departments. We only succeed if we all work together.

We take turns dealing with complaints, stacking papers and magazines as they come in, shoveling, salting the parking lot, one of our folks mows the lawn. We recently worked with a local program to print 4,000 event programs and even with my old bones, I helped moved boxes.

And at the end of the week -- kind of -- I enjoy the exhaustion. Tired from work is far more fulfilling than the desperate sleep of not working.

That remains fresh in my mind.

We're in the busy tourist season and so putting out a Visitor magazine every two weeks. The publication has been around nearly 60 years and is looked upon as an old friend. No better magazine feeling than that. But I assure you, it's real work.

So at the beginning of this weekend, where I will get the chance to sleep in Saturday and Sunday, and then work the rest of the day, I wish you all beautiful weekends.

And I wish peace and porn star name changes to all my brothers and sisters.

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