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Monday, July 12, 2021

Yeah, I whined in Friday's post.

What are you gonna do about it?

I'm not really pugnacious about it and  put in long thought before writing.

But I promised myself when I started this blog I would be truthful even when it was unpleasant.

So I whine when I have blessings, such as a job, a house, friends, family and a more-than-full stomach. I don't like complaining because I see little practical use in the gesture. Except I understand the need to blow off team.

So I whined -- in writing.

I thought over the weekend about a dishonest week I had a year ago that I didn't address at the time. I failed to get one of my dream jobs -- and then I went to bed for a week. That's when I was living in The Hermitage on the high banks of Lake Lemon.

I believe it was at that time I lost my appetite.

How do I describe despair? It's when you breathe only because it's automatic. And you do nothing else.

I slept 20 hours a day and only when I could bring myself to climb out of bed, I'd drink until I could sleep again.

It served as the worst seek of my struggles -- perhaps my life.

But I found my way out because I had to. I have family and friends to whom I answer. I'm not done writing yet -- I have more things to say. Hell, I haven't been to France.

So a little whining, I'm fine showing that.

It's truthful.

Peace and truth unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Don't feel too bad. Heck, Kamala hasn't been to Europe either.

  2. Your readers value your honesty! Sorry you had that difficult time a year ago when you didn't get your dream job. But you recovered and your readers were rooting for you. They continue to root for you! I hope you get to France!

  3. I could go on for hours about the French. Right up there with the Italians as an asset to their enemies in every war in which they participated. Participants in WW II "resistance" brutally withheld bonjours to Nazi oppressors. Something about a huge surge in German birth rates during the occupation. The French SS began rounding up the Jews before the Germans asked, and they were among the last SS to surrender. If they want to review their navy, they need glass-bottom boats. I'd go to Scotland instead. You can speak the language and the Highlands, along with Ireland, were the only places in Europe not conquered by the Romans.