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Monday, July 19, 2021

 Working headline: Small-town newspaper editor has friends

 My friend Suzie visited Saturday and that was the response from my friends at the restaurant where we met.

My friends Mark and Marcia from Munster, Indiana, stopped today on their way through to Bayfield and colleagues in the office feigned surprise I had friends.

It reminded me of my kid's recent visit, when she noted, "Dad, all your friends are bartenders."

Actually, I'm lucky to have friends strewn all over the land -- although perhaps "strewn" is not the best word. When I lost my housing, I had offers from across the country for any soft spot folks had so I might  lounge about.

I enjoyed them all, particularly catching up in person after prolonged absences because of COVID and my struggles.

Mark noted he and his wife enjoyed seeing me happy and thriving. Do I need to aspire to thrive? That strikes me as a higher bar than I'm willing to work for. Although "Aspire to Thrive" would be a great self-help book title.

Can't I just "get along"?

My friends continue to warm my heart in all of they've done for me. And in a business where we often see the worst of people, my friends and many strangers remind me there are more good people than jerks.

I apologize for brevity here but I've been working much.

Peace and friendship unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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