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Friday, July 9, 2021

 I lie in bed at 4 a.m. Wednesday morning after catching a mere two hours of sleep.

My right knee stabbed with pain from gout.

My mattress on the floor.

Nothing in the house.

"This is no way to live," I said out loud to the ceiling fan. Like the chair in "I am I said" it did not hear.

God, I hate whining -- but I must be truthful, both to myself and you, dear reader.

So I will work on making changes and making better decisions. One is, getting my stuff here.  My friend Mark and his wife Marcia are coming through to visit and while we discussed where to stay, he offered to help with the move. Good friends will make any offer of help, regardless of unpleasantries. My boxes are filled with books and kitchen equipment, I said. Aw, we can do that, he said. I noted there were about 50 boxes of books. Well, let's pay a couple football players to help, he said. Sadly, most high school and college football players are doing better than me financially. 

The second is -- related to gout -- making better life choices.

What set off the gout was discovering West's Hayward Dairy. I stopped in one night and found it had 40 flavors of excellent ice cream and then stopped there the next three nights.

Heavy, rich ice cream equals gout in my knee apparently.

The pain was bad enough I couldn't find a comfortable position and that comes from a older man who has aches and pains everyday.

I did slip away into sleep at about 2 a.m. and my nightmare consisted of me returning to management at McDonald's, and then rode my bike home. But some gentlemen decided they wanted my bike more than me and in the ensuing struggled I, using a book, crushed the esophagus of one of the perpetrators, the rest of whom chased me as I rode away. I awoke in a full sweat despite the air conditioning and the ceiling fan.

Yes, I am blessed with a house, and a living, wonderful friends and family. I love having my windows open in July for 65-degree temps. Being a journalist again, in my home state, is what I've angled for nigh 20 years.

Life is always a mixture.

I am working on my hurdles and have set a timeline of getting my stuff here by sometime in August.

I will enjoy West's Dairy once every two or three weeks.

I will continue to be extraordinarily thankful for all those who have helped me, reached out and supported me as I continue to climb out of my self-dug hole.

Peace and moving forward unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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