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Sunday, August 13, 2023

 Kid is out in Hollywood, suffering the vicissitudes of the strikes of writers and actors.

But she's still doing comedy and skits: Hollywood Reporter Roundtable: Nepo-Babies - YouTube. (Trigger warning: Kid says the F word -- not sure where she learned that.)

She tends to create surreal characters -- again, don't know where that comes from.

I love her characters as they're well-drawn and she picks out mannerisms to make them work, in this case changing her timbre and over enunciating to make the character work. I would be honest with her as I've taught without honesty, we can't be sure of the world. I've told her if she stunk it up, I'd let her know.

She shares the same with me. When I wrote a movie script while out of work, she read it and proclaimed, "It needs work, dad." I can appreciate that. She said every 10th to 12th line needs to pop and that I wrote the script too narratively. I dig that. Critiquing I can work with.

However, she did enjoy my stage play about Rasputin's daughter being mauled by a bear in Peru, Indiana. True story there.

I'm incredibly proud of her as a person and as a performer.

Please check out her video, along with her use of the F word.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and the occasional F bomb unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

 Thank you, Bertha, for sending my friend $12.

The back story: I recently wrote a column about a friend who waited on a table during the Fourth of July weekend in Hayward -- likely the busiest season of the year for our town. which triples in size during the summer. The restaurant was jammed and dinner took a while. The customers, wanting to make a point, tipped something like $2 on a $200 tab.

Only, they didn't make a point -- other than they were cheap and petty. Non-tippers don't know the circumstances. Someone could have called off. There might be equipment issues. A manager might have understaffed.

But what they non-tippers should know is the restaurant is jammed. It's a holiday weekend. Dinner is going to be slower than usual. Relax and enjoy an additional beverage.

Well, here comes my friend Bertha, who reads the blog and my newspaper. She sent a $10 bill to help cover part of the tip and her usual $2 bill for good luck.

"OMG tell Bertha I love her. That's so sweet," my friend texted me.

Here's where the story gets sweeter: My friend's grandmother, who passed just last year, also gave out $2 bills so my friend has a collection of them.

Now she can add to her collection a special bill from a friend neither of us have met, making it extra special.

For all the difficulties we have personally and in this world, it's stories like these that make better days.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and $2 bills unto all of you my brothers and sisters.