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Monday, August 2, 2021

 In a rare condition, my pool is dry -- I am spiking my weekly column for just one week.

I've rarely done this in nearly four decades in which I could write a column.

Sure, I have stuff I could write. I always have ideas shooting around my head like a pinball, trying to hit a neuron to light up and make a noise.

But I have nothing over the last couple of days and rather than noodle out some lame piece -- I see fellow columnists do it often -- I'm going to relieve readers from crap.

I won't bore you with the demands on my time but they are enough for me to fail in fomenting a column. I think "Failing Fomenting" is my new autobiography title.

I did make some blueberry bread for a friend's dinner this weekend and that was a better feeling than writing. I worked with my hands. I made something tangible. The bread was actually consumed.

It's a good reminder to return to the basics of life, friends, family, food.

Peace and blueberry bread unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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