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Tuesday, August 17, 2021


My abundance overflows.

After years of being "too busy" to get to the Farmers Market or roadside stand, I'm working to get the bulk of my calories from fresh produce grown locally.

Oh, and gin. Lots of calories in a martini.

I've said to myself for years there's always next summer. Then next summer. Then I didn't have a job. Then I didn't have my cooking equipment. And so on. Until a decade had gone by before I had purchased fresh, local produce.

This, the summer marking the end of my struggles, I'm making changes.

Above you'll see some of my abundance: arugula and red lettuce; fresh oregano and basil; heirloom brown sugar tomatoes along with mixed cherry tomatoes; green onions -- not the ones from Booker T. and the MGs; and finally a giant $1 daikon, a mild white Japanese radish.

This haul will produce salads through the weekend.

It's not just the abundance of food but of friends, of life.

Some new friends took me to the Sawyer County Fair, where we inspected animals and 4-H entries. Drank a couple beers. Then watched grown men trying to ride angry bulls, upset their privates were knotted with ropes. Also, there were awesome women riders competing barrel racing and a clown (of sorts).

This is not my natural milieu and thus a beautiful experience.

Abundance indeed.

Peace and abundance unto all of you my brothers and sisters.


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