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Friday, January 29, 2021

 I am exhausted and I still have five hours back to Bloomington.

But it's a good exhaustion as compared to that listless feeling when little to nothing has happened.

I traveled hundreds of miles and made new friends along the way. I had a job interview that led to an offer. I saw family and friends and now I'm on my way back to Bloomington --with Wisconsin treats for my Sunday beer-drinking buddies. (If you think I'm concerned about making new beer-drinking buddies in Wisconsin, I am not. It's called "all of Wisconsin.")

It's the kind of exhaustion that comes from accomplishment.

I have some wrapping up to do both with the job offer and life in Bloomington.

But life is good.

I shall sleep soundly tonight and return to the road Saturday.

Peace and accomplishment unto you my brothers and sisters.

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