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Monday, January 18, 2021

 Over the weekend, one of the fantastic cleaning crew at my $50-a-night hotel handed me one of those little bottles of shampoo.

Yet after six weeks in the hotel, I had not entirely used the first tiny shampoo.

I'd like to attribute that to my penurious nature but that's only a fancy word for being cheap, a skinflint, miserly, tight-fisted and so on.

But of course I have little hair.

To be clear -- I have lost hair on my head but the hair has merely migrated to other areas. I liken it to plate tectonics, where there were various mega continents in the early days of the planet but, in my most scientific language, stuff changed.

My hair has migrated. 

I had to consider whether this small gift came from my cheapness -- I am raised Scotch-Irish -- or my balding noggin.

Obviously, it's both.

One of the many lessons I've learned as the Homeless Editor is what little I need. I lived in a beautiful cabin I called The Hermitage that was probably less than 200 square feet. Now I'm in a hotel room less than 100 square feet.

Wherever I land will be goddamn palatial. 

Peace and simplicity unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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