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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I cried much today.

First, mind you, I cry all the time to the point of embarrassment for friends and family. Once, while my kid and I watched "Hotel for Dogs," I audibly sobbed. My kid hit me with her elbow. "Dad, stop it," she said. Later, as we went for ice cream, she asked why I cried and I told her the group of disenfranchised people and animals, forming a new family, reminded me of my weird trip through life.

Certainly I cried at the beauty of the inauguration but I think I've cried at most of them I've watched since 1976. I love the pageantry of a peaceful handoff of power that's happened 46 times now in this experiment called the United States.

And please, it remains an experiment, Any doubt should be erased by in insurrection at our Capitol building just two weeks ago. Armed rioters with zip ties wandered the halls seeking the capture and assassination of our sitting vice president, among others.

I cried because there are indeed leaders who seek good governance, unity, decency. 

I also cried because I couldn't sleep last night and I was exhausted, both at what I've been going through and what my beloved country has seen.

And, given my emotional nature, I also cried while reading the obituary of Don Sutton, the MLB Hall of Fame pitcher who died this week.

Please don't make me watch "Hotel for Dogs" again.

It was nice to rehydrate with a couple of beers and a friend later in the day.

The United States of America is strong as it has made it through so much tragedy. But it's also as delicate as its people.

Please help make it better rather than worse.

Peace and patriotism unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Yours is a tough ask. It is also our President's ask. Reach out to the people who did not recognize the ignorant monster, and then four years later, voted for him - AGAIN!

    I note with wry amusement that the Q crashed in flames, as their numbskull Apocalypse inauguration prophesy failed to materialize. Their titular "leader" sez they gots ta get back to their lives. LMAO!

    And their "anointed one" bolted south, (while largely shunned by 'Publican establishment) without pardoning any of the insurgents, who were specifically incited/provoked by his lies. The same president who called all who died in the service of our country = losers. Many of those idiots will spend 10 years in prison via Trump's own executive order. LMAO, again.

    You and 46 are better men than me.