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Thursday, January 28, 2021

 Did you ever cry so much you had to rehydrate with beer?

That was my day.

And it was a wonderful day with all my sobbing and crying. Without giving out too much proprietary information about my job interview, I was able to meet with family and friends after my interview and job offer Wednesday.

I went to visit my mom at an old folks center -- I know there's updated terminology for such places but I've stopped paying attention to them.

All the doors were locked but I went through a door where some dudes who were moving in furniture. Once inside, I asked a woman mopping the floor where I could find the front desk. Quickly, people came out of their offices to kick me out.

I get it and they were right. COVID has decimated old folks across the country. I told them I would leave immediately.

But they took  pity on me -- my typically disheveled appearance often belies my efforts.

"I haven't seen my mother in three years," I sobbed. 

The people at the home set up a window visit, where I stood outside and talked to my my mom via borrowed cell phones.

We had a fast and funny conversation. I'm the only one who tells dirty jokes to my incredibly Catholic mom. We laughed through the window separated us. She was happy in her wheelchair inside while I stood in 14-degree temperature outside. 

She asked me if it was cold and I said my nipples could cut diamonds. 

We laughed madly like the old days.

It was cold enough that the emotional meeting, which caused me to sob and thus snot, gave me a face of frozen tears and boogers.

Classy stuff, eh?

The best thing was when I told her about my job offer nearby and my mom said, "that's good for me."

Hours later, my brother took me out for dinner at Connell's Supper Club, Those who have not lived in Wisconsin will never understand the beauty of the supper club. Just a day before, I told my potential boss that one of the things I missed most was the relish tray  before dinner. So today, the relish tray included fresh vegetables, cole slaw and a cheese spread. God bless Wisconsin.

Finally, I met a group of friends at the West Hill Bar, where I bartended 30 years ago. A good dozen people showed up and we shared stories of a long time ago but also updated the lives we live now.

It was all so goddamn exhausting -- but beautiful at the same time.

Let me just offer peace and friends and family unto all of you my brothers and sisters,


  1. So glad to hear things are finally looking up for you Rich, and it's so very cool to hear you're "back home". Hope you'll soon be able to divulge a little more information on your new employment. [I haven't quite figured out just how written in stone it is yet...]. It would be neat to see your name [in whatever capacity] in a local publication again. Blessings upon you in this latest "break in the clouds" and thanks for taking us all on this journey with you these last nine months or so.

  2. I'm so happy things are progressing forward for you finally!! No one deserves it more than you old friend