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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

 You can't look forward to anything with dread.

Anticipate? Yes. But not look forward to? No.

So it was when I opened up job search sites today with hope I've written about: jobs will open up with the New Year.

Hope is wonderful -- until it smacks you upside the head.

Today, I applied for a dozen jobs around the country and here in my adopted city of Bloomington. They ranged from editor jobs to restaurant management to some titles I didn't understand. Change agent? Transformational analyst? 

Cool. If some company is willing to pay me once again, I am willing to answer to just about anything. 

As awesome as it is to have the internet for a job search, I remain troubled that I can apply for a number of jobs without any human contact.

Hope 1; dread 0.

Peace and hope unto you my brothers and sisters.

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