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Thursday, January 21, 2021

All I need is the littlest of gifts.

This morning my daughter texted me, after I sent her the first act of a stage play I'm working on, called "Rasputina."

It's a play with four characters telling the story of when Rasputin's daughter was mauled by a bear in Peru, Indiana. That's an entirely true story.

"Dude," she wrote. rasputina is great ... I want more."

Good Lord that made me feel good the rest of the day. I'm still basking -- and I'm not good at basking. We don't bask in the Wisconsin Nort'woods. We settle. Then we stew.

Part of it is my kid's specialty in comedic arts is script writing. She's the expert in the family and I must trust her. 

Second, kid and Homeless Editor and Rasputin go way back.

That's a story in and of itself.

Over the years on our road trips, we used to stop at the Presidential Library and Museum of President Rutherford B. Hayes. And yes, isn't that what great parents do? Other parents bring kids to Europe or  waterparks or one of the Disneys, we go to Norwalk, Ohio, and celebrate one of the most controversial presidents in history. Sure, the museum grounds had tame squirrels that would take a peanut out of your hand -- fun for the kid and dad.

On one of the visits, we co-wrote a rap song about Rutherford B. Hayes:

Rutherford B. Hayes

He set this country ablaze.

Elected by Representatives in the House,

He had Lemonade Lucy for a spouse.

This was a decade before "Hamilton" and we believe we deserve a cut of profits for being the first historic rap artists.

Another time, the kid poured lemonade on the grave of Hayes's wife, as props to her homey. Lucy Hayes was a member of the Temperance Movement and promised she wouldn't serve alcohol in the White House. Media wags gave her the pejorative "Lemonade Lucy" and she embraced it.

On another trip, we went into the gift shop and purchased cheap and paltry items for any family member who loved Hayes. I also bought a Rutherford B. Hayes coffee cup that remains by favorite in the morning. The kid continues to mock me because the store clerk -- about 167 years old -- had to get on a ladder to get my mug. We believe she dated Hayes, whom she called "Ruthy."  Kid found a book about weird history that included a section on Rasputin. 

About a year later, during one of her innovative classes in fifth grade in Richmond, Indiana, she chose the Mad Monk as her subject and as part of that she had to create a product for sale based on the subject. My kid made a "Rasputin Pillow Pet."

Clearly, I had damaged the child.

When my kid gives me props for a stage play including Rasputin, it seems like the perfect amalgamation of brilliant kid, weird dad and Mad Monk.

So happy tonight going into a three-day weekend and then leave for a trip out of state for a job interview.

I wish peace and a Green Bay Packers win unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Your best Blog in a long time. Inspirational. Best wishes for your job interview. Hope is a very liberal newspaper. Are the Northwoods of Wisconsin where you settle and stew Pro or Anti Trump?