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Monday, February 1, 2021

 So the moving transition begins -- all unpleasantness until I can get into my new nest.

I only cried five or so times today, not tears of pain but tears of goodbye. Yet again, I say goodbye to some of the best people I've ever met.

Pass me a beer.

And I work on finding movers and mechanics and new places to stay, tasks that make me look forward to dental work from Steve Martin in "Little Shop of Horrors."

There's the old cliche that nothing worth doing is easy.

Well that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it.

I can't tell you my destination yet until I arrive at my new work place next week, then it will become official publicly.

I also have some storylines to wrap up. An early expert I interviewed for this blog talked about the difficulties of those who transition from homelessness. Again, I'll note that while I have dug myself a hole, it's not nearly as deep as others.

It's a hole nonetheless. (An aside: I typed "a hole" without giggling -- I continue to mature.)

There's no saying goodbye to The Homeless Editor quite yet. I'll let readers know about some of these challenges.

And I'll continue to fight for disenfranchised folks until my dying days.

Peace and transition unto all of you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Okay... so I did giggle (and then some) when I read your parenthetical comment...shades of "Scrubs"...

  2. Can you say “duty” without smiling? Thinking of Joey on Friends. Good luck to you on your transition.

  3. I look forward to knowing your new employer. I trust they have a digital media presence to which I can subscribe.

    Congrats again.

  4. All of your faithful readers will be following you and your prose to your new workplace! And remember that everyone has trouble with transitions, from toddlers to old folks! Never forget that your journey enlivens and enriches us all!

  5. Very happy for you. Been following this blog since the beginning. Couldn't be more pleased that you found a new newspaper gig.

  6. Overjoyed that your long journey is coming to an end.
    Dismayed that this blog is.
    Wishing you nothing but the best, as you deserve.

  7. Congratulations. So happy for you Rich.