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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

So much to do today I actually had to create a to-do list.

I finished about 40 percent of it working steadily through the day. (By the way does anyone have any suggestions about hiring a moving company that won't 1. Charge by the pounds of flesh and 2. Not hold my stuff hostage when I get there?)

It's much more than my daily schedule for the last nine months.

Sure I spent time in the morning applying for jobs and then mope for a while. I'd have a couple of chicken McNuggets for lunch, not because I was poor but I had no appetite and food gagged me. Yes, food gagged the fat man. (Great HBO movie title.) Have I ever asked the question here about the Burger King deal that offers 10 nuggets for $1 without ever noting what animal produces said nuggets? I think it's pigeon.

Then I would spend some time moping. And sure I moped in the morning some days. And then later in the afternoon, I moped. Sometimes I moped in the late night after blogging. But I never moped at dusk -- never at dusk. That's a variant of a class Steve Martin routine for those asking.

Busy feels good. Certainly I spent much time these nine months writing -- sheer junk that no one will ever see except I did send the first act of "Rasputina" to my kid.

But this busy accomplishes something. I'm taking steps to move forward whereas much of this time has been me with my blinkers on, stuck in the snow somewhere because Indiana apparently only has enough money for two snowplows during a winter storm.

I'm tired tonight and not for excessive non-dusk moping.

Not all the day was great. Seriously, moving companies, do something about yourselves.

Remember, though, that the Buddha said life is nothing but a series of unhappy stories mixed with real misery. We can't change that. We can change how we react. The Buddha, he ain't never moped.

I might occasionally mope just for old times sake. I might miss that scent of desperation that smells vaguely like Drakkar Noir.

But right now, I have life to live. I'm moving forward for the first time in a long time.

Peace and identifiable nuggets on to you, my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Couldn't help but notice a comment connected with Monday's post telling of their disappointment that your blog was coming to an end. I'm not sure if you had said that exactly, though I should think some necessary adjustments would be in order (the title, the vantage point from which you comment on life, etc.), though I'm sure your 'cause'(s) would remain much the same. I certainly wouldn't want to seem demanding or anything, but I feel that many of us "out here" have some expectations for future offerings of wit, wisdom, and amusing drivel... That being said, I would certainly understand as would many of us, if you needed a brief hiatus to get yourself moved, and settled in. We'd miss you... but we'd understand... as though you really need my/our permission. God Speed Rich!!!