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Friday, February 12, 2021


Sure, I’m near friends and family after 20 years astray.

I’m home in Wisconsin.

But, let’s face it, the real reason for returning was Friday night fish fry.

That’s what I enjoyed tonight, kind of a communion for Wisconsinites.

Yes, other places have their fish and chips, or fried fish or something fancy such as Filet-O-Fish.

The special nature of the Friday night fish is as much about the tradition as it is the food.

First you sit down and order a brandy old-fashioned and when the server brings the drinks, she brings the beloved relish tray. It’s been a long week so don’t slug the drink. Relax. Take your time. Maybe have a second drink.

When it comes time to order, you’ll get the choice of fish – I did the haddock tonight – which can include walleye here in the Northwoods. And a myriad choice of potatoes, which will include fries, baked potato, twice baked, hash browns, potatoes au gratin, potatoes au gratin with cheese (not a typo) and lyonnaise potatoes.

I’ve probably forgotten some choices because just writing that list has given me carbo-induced dementia.

Have a glass of wine or beer with dinner. Or, what the yell, another old-fashioned.

I failed to mention that in many restaurants it’s all you can eat – which ends up being like a contest.

Finally, as you're stuffed, happy, a little sleepy, have a Golden Cadillac or Grasshopper. Those are drinks with ice cream and liquor. Because we do that in Wisconsin.

That’s Friday night mass in Wisconsin.

Have a beautiful, safe and warm weekend.

Peace and tartar sauce unto all of you my brothers and sisters.



  1. This makes me so happy

  2. Dammit, do NOT tell my husband about this. I am NOT moving to Wisconsin.

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