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Thursday, February 18, 2021

"Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch ..."

These are not the words of some great philosopher outlining a transition but part of an old vaudeville sketch performed by damned near every comedic troupe in the early parts of last century. My favorite version being the "Susquehanna Hat Company." See: Slowly I Turned - Wikipedia

But it's my life right now as I transition from troubles to stability.

I have found I need to keep the word "homeless" out of many conversations -- as I was warned by homeless experts early on -- because the word carries with it heavy judgment.

I never spent time on the streets. I didn't have a cardboard sign on street corners. I don't have addiction issues, unless beer at The Tap is a problem. (OK, I have a slight problem with bratwurst.)

In these times, though, we live in a brittle economy where many people could be without an address in a day -- as was and is my condition.

I'm nearly out of it with the help of family and friends, meager government support and just goddamned luck.

And I certainly made it through this magical misery tour with the help support of you, dear readers.

I work Friday but I'm going to have a three-day weekend from the blog.

Peace and warmer temperatures unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Same is true for survivors of abuse and rape. Speaking of your history makes you statistically more likely to get abused again, though I saw studies where convicted rapists were able to pick out likely victims from video of women going about normal daily activities, with an uncanny likeliness to pick out women who had been raped before. They don’t even have to speak it. Boundaries, you have to keep your boundaries up.

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  3. The Stooges. Do not forget the Stooges.

    In addition to luck and the compassion of humanity writ large, do not forget your damn hard work. I shudder to imagine what was swirling around in the depths of your life. But you remained buoyant and paddled forward.

    Thanks for continuing the blog, Bruh. Living where I do, my access to acerbic wit is limited.

    That "Bruh" thing is a funny story. Until recently, I was calling everybody "dawg" which was not - as I let on - attempting to stay relevant to today's youth - but was in fact a gentle mocking of the zeitgeist by an old, educated white man feigning gangster street cred.

    A sympathetic young man working at Giant Eagle explained that "dawg" went out in the 90s. Today it is "bruh, or brah" and he even showed me the proper accompanying finger and hand gestures. I still buckle my pants at the waist, however.

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