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Monday, December 14, 2020

 I write to you this evening from the warmth of a local Bloomington hotel room that costs $355 for a week.

Given my weekly unemployment is $335 after taxes, it's a pretty good deal to take a mere twenty bucks out of my pocket for a week's stay.

That means I'll be eating again at Community Kitchen on a more regular basis so that I can hang on to my meager savings.

And I write this on momentous news days in, um, a week or two?

-- The Electoral College voted to affirm the Nov. 3 election, despite threats of violence in some states. (Oh, my Wisconsin, what has God wrought?)

-- The death toll for COVID passed 300,000 -- coming up on the number of American soldiers lost in World War II.

-- And yet the first American received a vaccine for the virus today.

-- Finally, the sitting attorney general is out.

So my personal news is like that of the gnat protesting the elephant it sits on for some olfactory violations.

Nearly seven months to the day of moving into The Hermitage on Lake Lemon, I moved out. It was getting pretty cold and when a fat guy from the Wisconsin Nort'woods complains of cold, you have to give the opinion some measure.

I will forever miss the daily alterations of nature there and shall remain blessed for my life for my benefactor there.

I would be remiss if I did not, again, mention the luck of my life, particularly following Bloomington's ham-handed removal of the homeless from Seminary Park in the city. Even with weak bromides about law and order, the city took poor citizens' only possessions and dumped them in a parking lot -- and they did so under the cloak of night at 10 p.m. There were dozens of humane solutions to what's a real problem.

Bloomington. Liberal? Progressive? Caring?

Not Mayor John Hamilton. He choose to issue his fiat when he thought no one would be around.

Now the whole world is watching.

Hey, peace and warmth unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Oh, now at a hotel, no heat in an IN winter is hard to endure. I am so bummed you have not landed, you have a fine skill set, and should be employed at a newspaper. I like beans too . . .And, the Community Kitchen is indeed fine, great people there, glad for it. Agree about the Mayor, his choice to be awful to the homeless, we do not want it, why does he?