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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

 The blog just passed 125,000 page views, slightly better than the 55 views of my last blog a decade ago.

Readership and attention remains mind-boggling to me, one whose mind is easily boggled. For instance I can't complete a Rubik's to save my life. Nor can I understand the popularity of reality TV.

Yet readership has slowed and I understand why.

The blog has become tiresome.

It's never been tiresome for me to write for I love writing. Since childhood, if I saw a blank piece of paper, I wanted to fill it. The first time I saw a blank computer screen -- complete with blinking green cursor -- I wanted to fill it. To this day, I keep notebooks and documents where I get stuff out of my head. The soul goal being to create more room for new ideas. Or stuff.

What's become tiresome, I suspect, is my life.

Day after day, I struggle to apply for jobs, read whatever I can get my hands on and then write.

Because of the pandemic and my natural tendency toward solitude, I have little room for new characters or contretemps.

I have yet to get a job at the chocolate candy factory with my best friend Viv.

Nor will I hook up with my friend Rachel while she lives in an apartment that would cost $10,000 a month in New York.

Here's the thing, though: I set out to document my journey and I will continue to do so.

Keep reading and I'll try to keep offering commentary that educates, edifies and entertains as we move to a new and better year in 2021.

Peace and thanks unto all of you my dear readers.

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  1. I don't perceive your blog as tiresome. I think you're writing is awesome. Greetings from far away Switzerland