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Monday, December 7, 2020

Keep on giving.

That struck me today as I woke up to Facebook message from mentors about a potential job opening in another state.

I made contacts throughout the day, as I chase job openings like a lion chases a wounded gazelle.

Later in the day I learned an intern and stringer here in Bloomington was graduating and looking for a job.

I immediately posted something on Facebook because I still have m any friends in the business who could help her out. I sent her some job postings that would be perfect for her. And I offered up myself as a reference.

Always give back.

Where did I learn that?

From the two guys earlier in the day who were still trying to help me nearly 30 years after first meeting them.

I realized the cyclical nature only later in the day.

I don't have to tell most of my friends to keep giving as they continue to support me through this strange year. Every time I turn around, a friend or stranger does something heart-breakingly nice to me.

Peace and giving unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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