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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 I like how time slows around Christmas.

We, most of us, take a little more with those we love and ensure they know as much.

The littlest things mean so much.

Even in times like these where there is little left, even nothing, of cost to give, we can offer up gifts that are completely free: smiles, compliments, an elbow bump or a hug for those who are closest to us.

I might be moderately disenfranchised right now but that's meant this season means all the more. Certainly I've had the time to watch others as well and it's a beautiful things to see.

And as lucky as I've been in my life, the overwhelming response from friends, colleagues and complete strangers all over the county -- even the world -- has been most remarkable gift of my lifetime since my daughter was born.

But I must go as I've started to blubber out loud and I fear someone in a nearby room will alert the front desk that there seems to be a walrus in physical distress.

Peace and merriness unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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