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Thursday, August 27, 2020

 Violence begets violence.

We Americans will never succeed as a country if this artificially created idea of Blue vs. Red perpetuates itself into violence.

In order to end the cycle, someone has to have the strength to choose not to participate in the violence -- and to end the cycle. Someone on one of the supposed sides has to say "enough."

But that takes strength. When you get hit or attacked, it takes true bravery not to respond in kind. That's what we learned from Gandhi and Martin Luther King, two peaceful people who changed not just their countries but the world.

It also takes leadership. 

Where are leaders on the two supposed sides saying, "Stop"?

Stop looting and stop burning. Stop fighting and stopping shooting. For the love of God, stop killing each other.

None of this will resolve the real problems we have in this country, injustice and inequality.

And put down the guns. Most of you have no training in gun safety. I've seen you wander the streets with your fingers on triggers pretending the threat is eminent. For God sake, go home and play some more video games if you want to play soldier.

My heart grieves for my country.

Peace and more peace unto you my brothers and sisters.

1 comment:

  1. I have heard many leaders on the red side calling for a stop of the violence. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and listen.