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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

 If these are the dog days of summer they are certainly the dog days of job searches.

There is little out there for a 54-year-old who has minor job skills. I can read and write, which means I have the job skills of someone who's graduated third grade.

The phrase "dog days" comes from the rise of the star Sirius in ancient skies. What followed was the heat of summer, which in the minds of the ancients caused adulterous women, weak men and mad dogs. The star Sirius was called the "Dog Star" because it was the the largest and brightest of "Canis Major" -- the "Greater Dog" constellation.

All I've ever noted in this time is dogs needing more water.

Now this dog needs a job and I'm awaiting two newspaper interviews and little else.

As I look at a pivot late in life for my final act -- what's next -- I seek the advice of readers.

What's next?


  1. a man that considers becoming a bartender, even though he can not mix drinks, and thinks he can palm his work off on others, receive pay for their work,and pull down tips from their labors, i would think the world would be his oyster.

  2. From one 54 year old to another, hang in there sir. Better times are ahead. Good luck with your two prospects.

  3. Quit looking for a job. Find an organization or company that you believe in and something you could do for them that would be of significant value if you are right. Approach them and offer to perform this service that would realize this value. Guarantee the results of your labor and get an agreement up front what an appropriate compensation to you would be if you are successful. One thing can then lead to another with this organization. Many times a company does not even know what they could do to create value and, thus, no job offer per se. If you try this several times, you will make a good living doing something you are good at. For example, IF you could get a company some good PR which leads to sales, then you could make a lot of money. Do you know how to do good PR for a valuable product or service? I'll bet a lot of companies could benefit from this. Here's one you can take a look at; I'll bet you could do very well with this type of opportunity. Good luck.

  4. Freelance. Shape your skills to fit where the money is--corporate communications, consulting, etc. It's super easy to set up a sole proprietorship.Like the commenter above said, you can work with people you like and believe in. Lots of small businesses and even other freelancers need help marketing and blogging, for example.

  5. You are a compelling writer. I take it the two j-jobs you interviewed for remain pending -- or do you have two new opportunities?

    My husband (who has hired too many people to count) always told our kids that the best time to look for a job is when you have one. This played out well for one of them who took a "less-than" job in the place where he wanted to work. It turned out that because he had been vetted and of all things, gone through the new-employee, general training that is required and only offered so often, when the job he really wanted came available, he got it because he was qualified, AND because he had already been through that required, general, new-employee training.

    What does all that have to do with you? Get a "less-than" job. You've often alluded to not being too good for any job. Do it then! Go to McDonald's. They would probably have you running the place in a week unless you are not a jerk. And as the old Frost poem says, "Way leads to way," so keep applying for whatever appeals in any way in the journalism field. It's obvious that's where you truly want to be.

    That's all I've got. But I do enjoy reading your blogs and I wish you well.