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Monday, August 24, 2020

 I had beer today with a fellow unemployed friend.

Yes, we can enjoy some remnants of employment life in our desperate states.

Yet it was like two friends drinking with minimal discussion of what's wrong in our lives. We talked about mutual friends, family, the state of America and much BS.

We had to remind each other that we're looking for jobs in the middle of a pandemic, in the midst of the worst job situation since the Great Depression.

He's young so for every five applications he submits, he's had one interview. I'm older so I've had two interviews for about 90 applications. 

For those of you lucky people who don't believe these are desperate times, consider my interview numbers.

And yet for a couple hours today, we each felt as though life was normal -- even though it's not. We laughed, gossiped, shared. It was life before the pandemic and then so much more appreciated than before. I think, at least.

On Saturday night, after picking up my free dinner at Community Kitchen, I joked with the server.

Look for the little moments. Even in tumult they are there.

Peace and little moments unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. after reading your pity party blurbs for the last few months I have to wonder if your attitude shows in your applications. grow up.

  2. I'm 62, collecting a pension, could collect SS if I wanted, and might as well be fully retired, as my part-time job has shrunken from fifteen to four hours a week. I offer apologies for Mr. Unknown's uncalled-for rudeness and lack of empathy. Seems another symptom born of the systemic infection (not all Covid-19) flooding the country. There's plenty of futility, illness, lost dreams, financial disasters, joblessness, hunger and downright despair to fill plenty of blogs to overflowing. Let it be known that your odyssey is the same as that of the many, and unfortunately, not the few.

  3. Thank you so very much my dearest Rich.