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Friday, August 21, 2020

 I have a message for Congress: There is much hurt out here.

There are few jobs and those available generally are 1.) low-wage and 2.) essential workers who inevitably will be in danger of COVID-19.

It's estimated that nearly 200 hospitals -- mostly rural -- will close because of the pandemic.

All states, all cities, all towns are under water financially.

Small businesses are closing at a rate not seen since the Great Depression.

And yet you, congress people, are largely on a break so you might run for re-election. 

As an amateur student of history, I've seen your likes before but never so en masse. Your collective lack of true concern and care for your citizens is beyond shocking. Sticking to your hidebound ideology is great for a voting base but utterly meaningless in a time of tumult.

Worse, it's a time of individual, personal tragedy.

And you're on vacation.

Peace unto you my brothers and sisters. We need it.

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