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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Some in Congress are fighting the additional $600 payment for COVID layoffs because, as Sen. Mitch McConnell said, people need to get back to work.

As someone searching for a job, I have a message: It ain't that simple. There are no jobs to be had for many.

Full disclosure, I have yet to apply for unemployment because I've been pretty blessed. Even if I did, I would not be eligible for the extra money because I was not laid off because of COVID but due to the merger of two newspaper companies.

But if you think finding a job in this atmosphere is like plucking an apple from a tree, my GOP congressional friends, you've been sucking from the public teat for too long. McConnell for instance, has been taking from said teat since 1975.

Consider I have applied for a minimum of 75 jobs since being laid off May 1. The applications have rarely been for newspaper jobs because no one in my industry is hiring. So I've applied at creative agencies, universities, hospitals, municipalities and at least one distiller.

As of today, I have one request for an interview in all that time. The interview is next week.

I'm batting 1 for 75, which only allows me to be lead-off batter for the Chicago White Sox.

Deep cut. Sorry, Sox fans.

I imagine my age is a problem and my resume shows I've been in many places, although I would consider each stop as a success in its own way.

Turn Aug. 1, I will begin applying for server/bartender jobs, grocery bagger -- you name it. I have no problem working. Try being a newspaper editor 14 hours a day and I'll show you a work ethic. Even then, I'm 54 years old. Who would hire me over a youngster?

But return to the work force because it's just that easy?

I'm telling you, my friends, there are almost no jobs out there.

Peace and jobs unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Great post! I love the idea of McConnell "sucking from the public teat." (B/t/w, it's "teat" rather than "teet.") Re: unemployment. You should definitely apply for it, as you will get the extra $600 per month anyway, regardless of why you lost your job. I know you will find something soon! You're a terrific writer!

  2. Don't delay in applying. There is a window to make your claim and it is based on when you last earned and paid into UE. Don't forget the UE is your money. You have paid into it your whole career. I have seen too many people miss out on collecting thrown money. Good luck. -Chris C.