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Friday, July 24, 2020

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

That seems all the talk, from others as well as me.

I was notified today via automatic email that I did not have the qualifications to be a daily newspaper editor. And yet I await an interview in the coming week for a better job in another state.

As of this writing, had five job posting from across the country today. Five.

I received an email today that a local car wash was hiring a manager -- paid pretty well, too. At this point, it's an opportunity.

But also in the past day, as I study this upcoming opportunity, the outpouring of friendship reminded me what is more important than jobs, jobs, jobs.

Some of it was a deep dig as I checked with journalism friends about the newspaper with which I'll interview next week. Those friends buoyed me with their personal praise and offered any help.

And on Facebook, I asked for advice about my raging COVID beard -- shave or not shave. Most of the responses were smart-ass, prompting a new Bloomington friend to post I was lucky to have so many hysterical friends.


I am a lucky -- and for another day or so -- bearded man.

With friends spread across the country, I can't imagine anything better.

Jobs are cool.

Friends are better.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Peace and friends unto you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. Once more for emphasis...

    "Jobs are cool, friends are better"[!!!]