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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

As a modern editor, I have become habituated to looking at analytics.

Here's what I can report:

-- Most hit postings revolve around food. That's whether it's food provided by friends or from the Community Kitchen.

-- Those posts that are the next-best read include my commentaries on what's happening in the country. I told a friend that I missed having a stump from which to shout. She said, "You do. Your blog, stupid."

-- Coming in a rather distant third are where I describe my experiences as The Homeless Editor. I suspect that's because I have to involve emotional response and, as a son of the Wisconsin Nort'woods, I can really only offer up one emotion at a time. And then I'm spent. For days.

-- In absolute last place is my original reportage (please read that word with an outrageous French accent) of homeless issues, one of the initial goals of the blog. I'm a newspaper editor so this doesn't surprise me. Often what people need the most is what they like the least.

I personally have never been 100 percent driven by analytics. I've said in a dozen speeches I refuse to be a page-view slut. My digital editors from a series of newspapers have had that discussion. Page-view sluttery also creates a false image of an improving website. Newspapers need to improve inviting content instead of photos of scantily clad young people. (Odd aside, each Monday morning during NFL season, The Associated Press photo desk offers dozens of photos of NFL cheerleaders. In decades, I've never seen a cheerleader photo in a newspaper. But I've seen plenty of online slideshows to drive traffic. As the father of a young woman, it grosses me out entirely.)

I'll continue to watch analytics. More so, I'll continue to tell stories.

Thanks for following.

Peace and cheerleaders unto you my brothers and sisters.

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