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Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Today was a good day."
-- Ice Cube

When I felt good at the end of the day today, it came to me quickly: I felt useful.

I applied for some decent jobs I think I can do well.

I fixed my computer probably that temporarily removed my ability to be part of the world -- yes, that's a First World problem for a First World Homeless Editor. The lack of connection to the world briefly freaked me out.

And I took a writing assignment.

Let me lay out the day for you.

The first part is I applied for a job as national editor for a non-profit website that works to strengthen state reporting, perhaps the most damaged aspect of journalism since the Great Recession. It's been well documented that statehouse reporting has virtually disappeared in the last decade or more. The most worrisome part of that is state legislation affects you far more than the U.S. Congress. It's not just ideological nonsense but affects the way you live your life every single day. Given I've worked in 10 percent of the states, I'd like to think I can add to their efforts.

On the downside of that, I realized as I sent off my most recent resume, I might have erred. I typically update my resumes by the month and year when I re-create them. So in April, I named my resume "richjacksonresume 0420."


So I don't smoke pot but I'm not against legalization.

But I fear what will become known in the industry as the "pot resume" will hurt me. "There's a guy out there so brazen he's applying for jobs under the 4/20 symbol. We simply cannot have someone in charge of editing who is a dope fiend." (Note: Again, I don't smoke pot but it certainly wouldn't hurt the industry to let lose the idea of "Reefer Madness.")

I talked to Andrew Fraieli, editor of the "Homeless Voice" newspapers in Florida. He's asked me to write a column about my experiences. Gladly. Ask a writer to write and stand back.

A reporter with whom I interviewed for "The New York Times of Orthodox Judaism" was so kind to send me dinner via Ubereats. I chose 5 Guys because I hadn't a decent burger in a month so he sent two burgers, fries and two Cokes. He followed up with a couple of messages on WhatsApp. In the first, he wrote that was the first non-kosher food he ever ordered. In the second, he wrote he was going to report to his mother that they were bacon cheeseburgers -- just so she would freak out.

God love this world.

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