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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

To do list:

-- Apply for the few jobs out there.

-- Post on the blog

-- Scroll social media.

-- Try to get a P.O. box to receive mail.

-- Get doctor to update med before health insurance runs out.

-- Apply for unemployment.

-- Think -- briefly -- about shaving this hideous beard.

-- A couple of gin and tonics.

-- Dinner.

-- Rest

-- Repeat tomorrow.


  1. Rich... you won't remember me, but we've crossed paths fleetingly. I am an 84 grad of Chi-Hi... also a UWEC alum. I'm kinda old-fashioned... never really had much respect for the concept of 'blogger' as a profession. Nothing personal... it's really a short-coming of my own doing more than anything else... kind of an ill-defined resistance to fully accept the pace of the 21st century. (I usually whip out my slider cell-phone just for a laugh everytime I find myself in dialogue with people who are discussing their most recent acquisition of the latest Iphone) But I degress...
    Happened to take a glance at today's Chippewa Herald (a publication that has left me progressively crest-fallen in recent years) where I noticed your story. It was hard to miss as it was the front page lead. Had I not read the by-line, I would've never known it was you by the picture. Your story left me feeling somber not so much because of the straits you find yourself in [though there's CERTAINLY nothing trivial about that]... having read the lion's share of your posts (I'll definitely be getting back to the rest of them soon, but wanted to lay down a comment before I lost my nerve).
    ...sorry, I'm digressing I was saying, it wasn't so much the disenfranchised state you find yourself in that I found the most disheartening, (your apparent optimism and gratitude [for what you DO have] sort of alleviated some of my potential pathos) but the thing that perhaps distresses me the most is the fact that the world at large has been marginally deprived of a talent so rare. "Writers write"... and you sir, are an amazing writer! even to the extent that I am "almost" in envy, but envy is such an ugly word... I'll go with 'admiration' instead. Sorry, if I'm gushing.
    I can remember during my matriculation at UWEC eagerly anticipating your regular column in the Spectator. Your ability to provoke unrelenting gut-wrenching belly laughs one moment and gut-wrenching solemnity the next was just un-real.
    There are those occasional enlightening moments when all seems right with the world one of those instances can come from that moment when one recognizes that another individual has totally found his or her niche in the world when that person's God given gift sees fruition. I reiterate... you are a writer thank God.
    I hope I haven't come across as sounding too disparaging of the blogosphere...again, it's sort of new territory for me... I'm pleased that it is there to provide you a vehicle for your craft... I don't claim any particular expertise in these matters, but it seems like over fifty-nine thousand views is pretty commendable, that's like four Chippewas.
    I hope the future offers up a scenario wherein you are once again favorably positioned to more thoroughly ply your wares to an even larger public [and be compensated for it] (again apologies... it is absolutely not my intention to appear condescending to the bloggers out there... it's just that the blogosphere is really uncharted waters for me... I'm perfectly willing to accept I 'might' have it completely misinterpreted) The fact that I'm dabbling in any blog at all right now is pretty remarkable, [I've always felt I was born about eighty years too late] and I credit this particular sortie to you Rich.
    I hope for a speedy uptick in your fortunes Rich, in the meantime [to quote one of your other readers] "Keep keeping on" and keep the words flowing... they are a very real blessing for a world in need of healing. Godspeed, Ron from Chippewa

  2. Here’s how I would prioritize the list:
    1. Apply for unemployment (meets two of your goals)
    *When I filed for unemployment in 2013, and from memory, i thought the minimum requirement was 10 applications/week. Unemployment brought a reliable source of income to pay utilities and food.
    2. Tap n2 your health insurance and get the most out of it (Rx or services)
    3. Sleep/Excersice regimen: (you’ve mentioned walking in an earlier post)
    4. Agree with the remaining listed tasks and it will all fall N2 order.