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Thursday, May 28, 2020

I look forward to having my feet underneath me again -- at least that feeling.

Again, I'm lucky. A place to stay, food, some savings. Last night colleague Laura Lane stopped to see me and brought me a hunk of meat to cook. She used the word "adorable" far too many times to describe my living circumstances at the cottage. But, in fact, it is quite adorable.

She chastised me for keeping my shelf-stable food in the middle of the kitchen in a laundry basket. And the inside of my fridge looked like that of her 21-year-old son.

Then she found Ring Ding packages -- empty. OK, I have made some poor life choices.

Laura also said I need to step up my game on the blog. I agree.

But I'm also just trying to breath right now, just trying to keep doggy paddling my fat head above water.

I imagine, then, for those who have it much worse. How they're drowning and can't catch a breath. They can see the sun, a blurry orange ball through the water, but they can't feel its warmth.

I suspect that feeling of feet underneath me will come.

In time.

Love all of you.


  1. So I feel like it's something of a paradox you have here Rich. Regarding your friend Laura's remark about stepping up your game as concerns the blog... I think [pretend I have the ability to italicize 'think'] Laura has a point... sort of. If one were to examine each one of your posts strictly on an individual basis...yea... on some point Laura might have a point. But... taken as a whole (is it okay to use the word anthology here?) what you're doing is amazing. Incidentally, I don't feel like 'amazing' is really the word I was going for there, but I've been trying very hard to reign in my impetuous overuse of the word 'awesome'... it's become far too misappropriated in recent years. Suffice it to say, and with absolutely no disrespect to your friend Laura, what you are doing [on the whole] is great! At the risk of being redundant... "Keep keeping on"... you're doing a lot of giving!
    Thanks again Rich

  2. Re: the suggestion from your colleague, Laura, that you "step up your game on the blog." Yes, some of the posts, particularly of late, have been a bit on the thin side, but I also like your candor. Some days are bigger than others, requiring more juice from us. But other days are slow and uneventful, and your blog reflects that. Trust yourself as a writer! Trust that your readers are with you, rooting for you!

  3. Who are these people with alliterative names like Laura Lane and Rebecca Rice? It’s too bad that Ron from Chippewa isn’t Ron from Reedsburg.