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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 DATELINE CONFIDENTIAL -- Safely ensconced in a Holiday Inn Express, I ready myself for a live newspaper interview Wednesday.

I've been keeping newspapers I interview with out of the blog because I think the process of interviewing is proprietary. 

I had taken my car to a mechanic last week who advised me not to make long drives with it. "It's leaking," he said. From where? "Everywhere."

You don't want to hear that from your mechanic or your doctor.

So a brand new friend loaned me a vehicle to make the trip to another state and it turned out to be a Cadillac SUV -- state of the art compared to my 2008 Subaru. I get messages like, "object behind you." As someone who practices mindfulness, I'm more concerned about what's in front of me than the Caddy is. Tonight, I received a message "rain sensors on." Yeah, it was raining. On the drive, there were 40 mph gusts of wind and I was told "high wind advisory."

And later, "high wind has tousled your hair -- both of them."

This vehicle cares more about me than my mom.

I took an Uber to an Italian place that turned out to be closed. The driver, sweet Melissa, had taken off quickly so I couldn't wave her down. Note there was a driving rain and a cold front and I'm standing outside of Italian goodness.

My phone had a 12 percent charge but before it pooped out, I was able to get another Uber to take me safely and soundly -- if not wet and shivering -- back to my hotel.

I went next door to a joint that served American, Greek, Italian and Mexican dishes where the owner, who called himself Eric the Mexican guy, sympathized and fed me some wine and tostadas. 

It's been a day.

But I keep taking that next step, inevitably moving forward for what's next.

I wish peace and forward action unto you, my brothers and sisters.

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