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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 DATELINE CONFIDENTIAL -- Fellow Hoosiers, please don't complain about government oppression with the COVID virus until you can't find a place to pee.

I have learned this driving to another state that is treating the pandemic seriously and working on mitigating the contagion. 

When on the road and I need to go, I prefer to stop at a McDonald's. As a former manager at one, I know the importance of bathroom cleanliness. And as someone who started out as a maintenance worker at a McDonald's, I have just triggered my own PTSD as to what I had to clean up.

In Indiana, you can go into a place to relieve yourself.

You cannot in a nearby state. You'll be treated as one of the walking dead. "I'm sorry sir, we don't allow humans to use the restroom. However, if you have a raccoon, an opossum or a muskrat, they can relieve themselves."

That and restaurants. 

In Indiana, there remain some restrictions but you can go eat with friends.

Here, in the state that shall not be named, you cannot.

In this other state, it's largely closed to on-site dining so get take out, cook for yourself or here's a feeding tube.

I can overcome the latter. But as a 55-year old man who needs to go when he needs to go, the former is the problem.

I suggest, though, that if you're reading this, you have survived thus far in what is truly a pandemic. When we ignore that nearly a quarter of a million people have died, we are less humane. 

Please stay safe and make wise choices, my friends. Use masks, social distancing, washing your hands and use hand sanitizer. Keep your bubble of human friends small and we can mitigate the worst of this.

I wish peace and life unto you, my brothers and sisters.


  1. Did you mean less "human", Rich? When we ignore the death of 250,000 fellow Americans? And deny the science or existence of the virus? I think such people are less than human. Ghastly winter ahead.

    Stay safe. Thank you for your wise and ever-kind words.

  2. You are reporting on the effects of the Pandemic. Here are some questions. How many healthy people under age 60 have died of Covid? How many people, especially children, under 60 have died or suffered greatly from the economic contraction due to the shutdowns? How many young people are dying and suffering to try to save a lot of old people? In other words, what is the collateral damage from our efforts to deal with CoVid? What effect has our reaction had on suicides for example? Or drug overdoses? Or violent actions? This is what I want from my reporters and editors. Thanks.