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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

 Count your blessings.

One of many I have at the Hermitage is I don't have television.

So I didn't have to watch the disgusting show that pretended to be a presidential debate.

I would never get that time back -- an important measurement as I get older.

But I need to say, or write, that a failure to to condemn white supremacy is the grossest thing I've ever seen a U.S. president do.

I've ready plenty of U.S. history and there are many grotesque moments, from the Federalists to the Democrat Republicans to the Whigs to the No-Nothings to Republicans to Democrats.

But giving support to the nascent Proud Boys makes me want to vomit all over America.

Like all racists, they hide. I've written before about how the KKK hid behind white masks and modern racists hide behind fake names on social media. In the case of the Proud Boys, they hide behind dog whistle language, winks and nods.

Were they truly proud, they would come out and say what they are: white supremacists.

And the president has shown his colors once again.

Peace and equality unto all of my brothers and sisters.


  1. you have, once again shown your bias and hatred. this could very well be part of your employment troubles.

  2. What is your opinion of BLM and Antifa?

  3. First anonymous guy says eschewing hatred is hatred itself. Other nameless guy wants to know if BLACK LIVES MATTER and if you are against fascism.

    This in apparent defense of a man who has told over 22,000 documented lies in the last 4 years, filed bankruptcy four times, failed at every single business venture, lost billions of daddy's money, owes hundreds of millions more, denigrated war dead, had over 200,000 Americans die on his watch, and compromised our national security on the global stage, while he threatens the soul of our democracy - all because he hears the bell tolling from the other side of the Presidency.

    You are a better man than me, Rich. An inspiration to us all. "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire."

  4. We are living in a novel taking place in Stephen King’s head. We’ve all got to take a stand. I can’t understand the people who aren’t horrified by the acts and speech of the horrible current potus.

  5. Even Republicans, like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, who have enabled the lies and chicanery of this president for four years are appalled by Trump's refusal to condemn the Proud Boys when asked by moderator Chris Wallace to do so. I am going to run, not walk, to the polls to cast my vote for Joe Biden. Anyone who still values the democratic process, treasures all that is noble and good in this country must do the same.

    1. you do know don't you, that the leader of the proud boys is black?

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