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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Push through, said one of my friends.

He's an early blogger and wrote code for some of the early audio sharing.

It's been good advice for this blog -- particularly today on the 100th post -- and in life in general.

One must move forward, despite it all. I've exchanged messages with former interns who struggle to find jobs in today's market. Don't take it personally, I say. This is the worst job market in 90 years. Every opening can have dozens or hundreds of applicants. I know in my case, I've competed for editor jobs with friends of decades. In many of the cases, when I've not earned the job, I can say objectively that the publisher had made a wise decision on the other person.

That's part of what another friend has said and that is staying humble.

So as I search for waiter jobs or fast-food manager jobs to help get me through the winter, I stay humble. I told one publisher -- who told me I was over experienced for the job at hand -- one my my favorite stories of the Buddha. He was washing his rice pot before teaching some students but he had burned some rice in the pot and it was taking a while to clean it. His assistant said, let me wash the pot for you so you can go teach them. "What can I possibly teach if I don't know how to wash a rice pot?" the Buddha responded.

My biggest lesson in 100 posts is the graciousness of so many people out there -- many complete strangers.

Whether I become a newspaper editor again, another kind of journalist, a waiter or a second-shift manager at Burger King, I promise to return the kindness offered me in these last months.

Peace and graciousness unto you my brothers and sisters.


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  2. You really are the most interesting person I know. I'm glad we are in the same time line together. I'm more elated that our stories crossed. That thought always makes me smile. That in a weird way from two different focal points of perception our stories....are....our story. So much love to you

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