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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

 Here's a report from the front lines of a job search for an aging man in the middle of a pandemic and the worst job market in 90 years:

Phew, it stinks.

I mean a literal stink. 

Have you ever accidentally spill limburger cheese on your car manifold and then driven 600 miles?

That's the stench.

(As an aside, you'd be surprised how often this happens in Wisconsin.)

I continue to apply to jobs that would suit my skill set but I've also turned to looking for food service jobs. I can bartend. I can wait tables. But it turns out those are a young person's game, I'm told. Plus my bartending service 30 years ago was in joints where the name of the drink was in the order: Whiskey coke, Seagram's and Seven, gin and tonic, tap beer, a shot of whatever cures what ails you.

I've thought about turning to a sales job but the old advice is that a salesman is essentially selling himself. Ain't know one buying that.

Hell, I wouldn't buy me.

I will keep you updated my friends. If any of you know of a business that needs an older, larger man, who specializes in being a smart aleck, please alert me.

Peace and dad jokes unto you my brothers and sisters.


  1. Here was a comment I posted to you Sept 12. Maybe you missed it.
    Hi Rich, Craig Hane here. We met back at the HT many months ago. Have enjoyed your Blog. I might know of a job for you involving your skills and interests. Just give me a call at: 812-332-8179 or email: Best wishes.


    They actually mention this job is “good for older job seekers”

  3. Check out this job on Indeed:
    Pacific Unicomm - The Goosetown Gazette
    Co-founder, Publisher & Editor
    Wilmington, CA 90744

  4. I'm not in a job search, but am an AARP member. They advertise their job board a lot. Maybe worth a look. See:

  5. Rich, I can't convey how much I miss your heart and voice in our local NC newspaper. Thank you for continuing to share your words with the world. Every day I hope you find a job and community where your talents and gifts can flourish. There are people who need you and they don't even know it yet. That connection just has to be made. So please don't stop! And be safe. ccp

  6. I know you probably will resist this suggestion, but you might try applying for jobs at the medical device companies like Cook and Baxter. There are benefits and the work is not heavy lifting. Cook promotes from within and they have writing jobs, etc.

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