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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Talked to Kid tonight. She’s just so goddamned smart. And I made her laugh twice. Twice. That’s a new record. I’m no longer proud. I’m in awe."

-- A quote from my Facebook page last night

I remain forever amazed by Kid's knowledge, not just her fancy book learnin' but current events, literature, politics and her cultural literacy.

The latter is no longer one of my strengths.

Some time ago, she asked if I knew Dua Lipa.

I said, "Yes, that's Latin for 'two lips.'"

It is not.

I particularly appreciated she was aware of current events in Los Angeles where she now lives. I imagine she learned from me by watching that you learn local news by reading it. From a reliable source.

If you are one who thinks a reliable source is someone at the bar, or some online cat, you would be wrong. The process of journalism includes fact checking and, when errors occur, corrections.

See if you can find that on television.

In 56 minutes -- I keep track -- we hit at least 60 subjects. We tend to riff off each other as in jazz but instead of notes, we have information.

She's enjoying living in the entertainment capital of the world, even if on short wages. We traded recipes -- she has one of those Instapots or whatever you call them. I have pots and pans but all food ends up being the same.

We talked about writing, a craft that is difficult. I've been trying to write since high school and I'm not sure is any easier after 40 years. "The best advice I can give you is sit down and write," I said. Note the advice was not solicited.

I'm so pleased with the human she's become and her laser focus on her career and the future while also being present in the moment.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and offspring until all of you my brothers and sisters.


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