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Friday, June 10, 2022

 I did something different this week -- twice.

I went home for lunch and relaxed for a little bit during the day.

Not unlike a Junior Mint, it was quite refreshing.

That used to be quite common for me going back to college. Somewhere, as jobs changed and life happened, it became common for me to work through lunch or get takeout -- and go back to work. Even the periods where I needed to save money, I'd bring in a sandwich or something and work through lunch.


That's no break. It's all work all the time. 

I couldn't believe how afternoons changed for me on those two days. I felt invigorated rather than worn down. I also controlled what I ate for lunch. Instead of something from fast food or, worse, a gas station. I hate something that wouldn't slide out of me later in the afternoon.

For writers, that's the nicest description of the situation -- ever.

It all comes down to taking care of oneself and I've failed that on many levels for decades. So lunch at home is my new, first goal. Mind you, this is a small town where the commute is about three minutes. I can do this.

The other day, I had some frozen pizza leftovers and today I had a nice ham and cheese with a side of kosher dill pickles.

That's high-livin', baby.

The best part is catching up reading a recent magazine or whatever book I might be reading. And I get to catch a breath. It was refreshing to the point I didn't understand the feeling until later in the day.

I shall expand my learning on this issue.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and learning unto all of you my brothers and sisters.


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