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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

 May 1 passed without a word from me.

That's the two-year anniversary of this blog but I'm up to my hind end in work, unpacking and getting ready to go see Clare graduate in Boston. (I apologize for writing "hind end" for my sensitive readers.) 

These two years have been been a trip, baby. One that challenged every single facet of me, energy, intellect, perseverance, shit, sanity.

But I'm here and have been blessed along this long road far beyond my capability to understand. Friends and strangers have helped with money, places to stay, moving my stupid collection of books and typewriters and too much cooking equipment.

They have listened and read my stories and my whining.

There have been setbacks but those have always been outnumbered by joy.

While writing this tonight at a local drinking establishment, I talked with friends and we experienced bountiful laughter and closer friendship,

I'm now in a place where I sense stability as I haven't in some time. And I am welcomed.

I spoke to the local Rotary Club today, many of whom welcomed me a year after my arrival but quoted from past columns they remember. As someone who writes, my heart is warmed.

And as someone who considers himself a writer, tries to be a writer, still wants after half a century to be a writer, this blog still gives me succor. If people want to read my meandering missives, I'll fill that space.

The only misgiving would be that my obituary -- as editor I get 10 percent off but only kid gets to enjoy that benefit -- will include "homeless editor." It is my hope the obit starts with "good father."

And so I fly out to Boston Saturday to see my daughter graduate Sunday. She's promised to take me out to dinner Sunday and then I fly back Monday. I intend to ask when she visits me this summer, in God's County of the Wisconsin Nort'woods, she stay for awhile, even up to a month. She can write in the quiet of our place, perhaps joining me in writing together. I'll also ask her to write a blog post here about what she's learned of me from this blog -- essentially a public diary during this troubled time.

I'm going to blog through the trip to Boston as I haven't been on a flight since 2010 and about the import of seeing my little newborn turn into this intellectual powerhouse a mere 21 years later.

I promise you I will sob for most of the trip so I'm investing in facial tissues and will continue to hydrate. With what I will not promise.

These two years have been the most amazing in my life, for good and bad reasons.

Yet I'm here and look forward not just to the next two years will be but the next two days and two weeks and two months.

A reader sent me a link that the phrase "the Ukraine" is outdated so I shall not use it again. (As an aside, I'm outdated generally.)

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and clarity unto all of you my brothers and sisters.


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