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Friday, April 22, 2022

 Two weeks is too long.

I'm sorry for my absence as I enjoy this space,

The move is done but the unpacking must move forward more quickly than slowly. At this point, rather than carefully and particularly put useless items away, I'm just opening boxes and placing stuff in open flat tops and some empty drawers.

Empty drawers is a great band name.

I've also been busy at work, failing to take off at least one day a week -- one of my New Year's resolutions. So that resolution goes the ways of others, i.e. lose weight, learn an instrument, getting a gigolo job.

Gigolo job is a great band name.

I heard last week from Bertha, who continues to look out for me. Thank you, Bertha. She looks out for my welfare, offers me advice and sends $27 each time. She bemoaned my inability to follow advice about getting a woman friend. I believe Bertha has not seen a clear photo of me. And I hope she is not bothered that I used the money to buy some drinks for myself. Or I could consider the drink as a woman friend named Tanqueray martini.

Tanqueray martini would be a great band name.

Each night, as I unpack more stuff -- things I haven't seen for three years in most cases -- one thought becomes more and more clear: I have too much crap.

I'm ambivalent if Too Much Crap would be a good bad name. A decent bumper sticker perhaps. But not a band name. Please advise.

Again, I'm sorry I've been gone too long particularly as we move toward a two-year anniversary of this blog in little more than a week. Although I had multiple places to stay during my sojourn, this blog has been something of a home for me even if virtual.

Thanks for joining me on this surreal journey.

Peace unto the Ukraine and peace unto you my brothers and sisters.

(Editor's note: Peace unto the Ukraine would be a band I would see everyday. Peace Unto You My Brothers and Sisters would be a great name for a Hippie Praise Band that sneaks beer between sets. For the record, the beer would be Miller Lite. "And Jesus said, "Thou art less filling and tasteth great.")


  1. "this surreal journey" might be a good Band Name.
    Congrats on getting your Crapola together. another band name?

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