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Friday, April 1, 2022

 Tomorrow I will have an address and it will be official.

My landlord's contractors are moving me into me into my new place. I met the mover today and noted my knees are shot. The boss is a gracious guy who said, "We'll carry the boxes -- your only job is to point."

I can do that.

This will be the last of homelessness, I hope and suspect, well into the future. 

I'm working on a plan where in five years, I'll buy a plot of land and in another five years I'll buy one of those tiny homes and build on that plot. And when I have the opportunity to retire, probably about age 70, I'll have my own place in the Northwoods.

That means if you come to visit, bring a tent. I'll provide copious food and drink. And on the upside, you won't have to listen to me snore -- which by that time will sound like a T-Rex chewing glass.

I've noted earlier I'm going to unpack like a fiend. That means chaos in the short term but the sooner I can get to cooking for myself and friends every night, I will be pleased. The sooner I can get my desktop and laptop, the more I can work on serious writing projects. As soon as I can get a grill, the more carcinogens I can swallow (please pronounce "swaller").

I imagine Saturday night I will remain at the Steakhouse & Lodge as I'll need Sunday to set the place up for basic living.

As someone who's moved much, the first thing I'll get tomorrow is a shower curtain and a towel. I learned that lesson moving from Beaver Dam to Wisconsin Rapids in 1992. I already have a box of other essentials like paper towels, paper plates, plasticware and garbage bags.

After about 25 moves, I've become a pro.

Finally, I can check out normalcy for a while. Full transparency: I'm not normal. 

But I can make soup, grill some brats or steak, hell, I can make a crappy frozen pizza in my oven.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and frozen pizza unto all of you my brothers and sisters.


  1. "Man Plans and God Laughs." so spaketh Siddartha? Enjoy your current life, and realize it really is no better than things were when you were "homeless", which you never really were. Indeed, just look how wonderful your becoming "homeless" worked out for you NOW. Your preference? Norwoods where you are now or Bloomington? Can't have one without the other. God's Plans are better than Ours. I went broke when I was 70, thank God. MUCH better off today at 83 than I probably would have otherwise been. You and your Kid are blessed. Peace to you too, whatever that means.

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