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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I read today that GOP strategists are concerned about the party continuing to campaign against the Affordable Care Act in 2020.

Imagine that.

During a pandemic.

When millions have lost their jobs.

And their insurance.

I'm one of them.

In my case, I don't have any pre-existing conditions, only the need for some medication which my former company covered up until the end of May.

I checked out COBRA  but that would cost $700 a month for a single male my age -- at a time when I need to extend my meager savings. I choose not to, instead gambling I will stay healthy or avoid an accident until I'm once again re-employed.

But as I've noted time and again in the last seven weeks, I'm lucky. I have a little savings. I have the beneficence of friends and complete strangers. Despite being bad at taking care of myself, I remain healthy.

There are now millions of working people -- makers in GOP parlance -- in need of help for something as basic as health care, something all other developed countries have offered for decades. And the evidence is in: countries with universal health care plans have longer life spans, lower newborn mortality rates and all together healthier lives.

The problem is not messaging.

It's reality.


  1. Rich,
    I've been reading your very good blog from time to time and checked in today. The administration's unceasing effort to dismantle the ACA is infuriating.
    I don't like the bet you're making. There are other options besides COBRA, aren't there? Losing one's job is a life event, so you could get an ACA Marketplace plan or maybe apply for HIP.
    One day you're healthy, and the next day you're not, especially as we get a little older. I was diagnosed with cancer at age 54. That's a hell of a kicker, but please think about getting covered.
    P.S. I am cancer-free now.

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