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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I figured out a time line this morning as I contemplated the coming weeks and months.

I will not worry until July.

I won't obsess until August.

Then, in September, unfiltered and unadulterated bawling will begin along with gnashing of teeth and some manner of wailing -- baritone wailing but wailing nonetheless.

How's that sound?

It strikes me as good time management and setting of priorities. I might need someone to help me set up an MBO program -- management by objective. This person will judge my performance. For instance, "That's not wailing. You sound more like Lurch after drinking milk gone bad." That's just good management talk.

Jobs are still dry as the desert as all businesses are holding on by their fingernails. And apparently I'm running out of original allusions. I might have to get a box of refurbished metaphors at Big Lots.

I have interviews set up for later in the week for two homeless experts and look forward to exercising my journalistic chops.

And I'll probably take off again next weekend. How does a jobless man take time off? Well, nothing happens for me to write about and virtually no jobs are released so all of that allows me time to read and ponder, work on personal writing projects and this coming weekend -- should the gout go away -- I will walk with no other purpose than to exercise.

Peace unto you, brothers and sisters.

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  1. Let’s get together next week (on furlough and after my Tuesday cancer check)!