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Saturday, May 6, 2023

 Nothing has happened.

Oh, sure, I get up for work and eat lunch and have dinner -- and a couple of drinks each evening.

But nothing out of the ordinary has hit me in the weeks I've let this blog lie.

That's a good thing.

There's was a period of about six months where there were professional and personal difficulties that drove my life. Now I celebrate this normalcy, although as a journalist I understand unpleasantness is a general way of life.

My understanding of the Buddha is he came to believe that life is nothing more than tragedies and difficulty throughout and we can't change that. What we can change is our once-ingrained reaction.

Being able to breathe without being punched in the stomach by life has been pleasant.

It does not lead to many blog posts. Neither does the sorrow of losing mom. I've been affected far more harshly than I expected.

Yet, here I am. Moving forward. Existing.

And, once again, blogging.

Thanks for your patience, my friends, dear readers.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and normalcy unto you my brothers and sisters.


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