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Sunday, May 7, 2023

From blog reader Bertha from Bloomington, Indiana:

Dear Editor Jackson,

Please accept my profound condolences in the death of your Mother.

Loss of a parent is never easy. Some funds have been sent to assist in Praying Sister Mary Anne out of Purgatory. That is not done so much these days in Indiana but my information indicates it is customary elsewhere.

Your Mother and I send warm, positive benevolence toward your progress.

A couple of articles about Evil Gannett are enclosed for your review. I do not know why their stockholders put up their incompetence.

Double $27 is enclosed. You may allocate as you choose. I do not have any account with the outfit you are using and do not want one. My suggestion is that you share a lucky $2 with the Kid.

Keep the Faith and Pray for my Arthritis.


Bertha (last name redacted).

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