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Friday, April 7, 2023

The parents of Kid -- my ex-wife and I -- have formed a new reaction we might trademark: the laugh/cry.

That's how we respond the first time we see video of any of Kid's new comedy sketches on YouTube. We have to laugh because it's hysterical. Yet we have to cry because it's hard to believe that creative writer/actor could once be held in one hand.

I distinctly remember the first time I made a face to get her to laugh and that served as a drug to me. Those little toothless gums bared and a sincere belly laugh. Best thing ever.

Kid was enticed to go into comedy by many family members, not me because I wanted her to do anything with which she was happy so her major didn't matter. That she is who is blows me away, a strong, touch chick who is smarter and better than me. That's also a cry prompt. Understand, while she's a comedian, I'm a smart ass.

Then she's funny, damnit. Now it's her job to make dad laugh.

Here's clip and the conceit is when national-style politicking seeps down to the political race for second-grade class president:

Student Body President - YouTube

I hope you laugh. You don't even need to cry. We have you covered.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and laughter unto also of you my brothers and sisters.


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