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Thursday, April 6, 2023

 "And I'll give you some medicine for your face," the nurse said Wednesday.

That's blunt enough.

She was talking about rosacea, a skin condition that causes a red face among other ailments. I had to laugh while she was curious about my laughter. 

"I guess that is a funny thing to say," she finally said.

What a better way to lead off my 400th blog post?

I received a terribly sweet note Wednesday from a family friend -- along with a nice check -- who noted she's followed the blog since my Indiana days. It seems so long ago on some days and at other times it feels like yesterday.

My visit to the doctor -- for my face and other issues -- reminded me of my complicated trip. I couldn't tell them the name of my last provider. Nor could I remember any of the last three doctors or institutions that have all worked hard to keep me upright.

"Why do you move around so often?" one nurse asked.

Survival perhaps.

And here I am, Hayward, Wisconsin, sitting at a friend's bar, washing down some Leinenkugel's while blogging on my day off.

As difficult as many parts of this trip have been, it's turned out well. I've made many new friends in the last two years, I've seen many old friends, I was able to be around for mom's final years and also could attend a recent ceremony for my brother out a native school on the reservation, where he has donated his-handmade toy homes for the children.

I'm reminded it's all about perspective. This morning on my Buddhist phone app, there's a quote from the Dalai Lama: "Just one small positive thought in the morning an change your whole day."

To which I responded, "Well hello, Dalai!"

Four hundred blog posts and at least one thousand stupid jokes.

Thanks for reading, friends. I'll see you on the 401st post.

Peace unto Ukraine and peace and medicine for your faces my brothers and sisters.

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