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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

 I could not blog last night because I could do nothing.

That included getting out of my stuffed chair. Thankfully, a colleague had brought Leinenkugel's and it was near me.

I woke up Tuesday at a cheap motel in Madison, where thankfully I was neither sex-trafficked nor bludgeon to death  in my bed.

The drive was going swimmingly until I hit light snow near Necedah which grew to heavy snow by the time I reached Eau Claire. I drove slowly, remembering what my dad told me when I started driving in the snow: It's better to be late than not get there. Half a dozen cars that passed me were in the ditches when I passed them.

By the time I hit Hayward, it was well passed arrival time and 14 degrees. We had snow while I was gone, which I had to overcome while I backed the beast into the driveway and near the garage without hitting the house.

Thankfully, I only had to try that maneuver 30 to 40 times before some measure of success.

Soon, a little more than half a dozen good, great, beautiful people showed up to help me unload. I don't know if was the 14-degree temperature or I had little furniture and mostly boxes but we unpacked a 26-feet box truck in 45 minutes.

A couple of folks came in for beer in the once-empty now cluttered home.

After they left, I planned on going someplace with Wi-Fi to blog. But I couldn't get out of the damned chair -- which, by the way, had been marked by some critter in one of the previous storage places.

I have sat in worse seats.

I finally built up the courage to withstand the pain in my knees, went out to get my suitcase and computers and then doddered back into the house.

I mean the home.

After a microwaved meal, I finished the beer and hit hard my mattress on the floor.

I dreamed of lions.

This trip reminded me once again the power and beauty of my fellow people. Sure, there are assholes, but I feel surrounded by friendship and love.

Peace and love and friendship unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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