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Friday, May 14, 2021


I received a special shot today: a Johnson & Johnson & Fireball.

Now I'll continue taking precautions for two weeks and won't have to brush my teeth over the weekend as my breath is Cinnamon fresh.

Actually, I brought a 10-pack of Fireball minis to the Sawyer County Health Department. They've been giving out shots so they deserve some, too, I said.

When my kid was 7 years old, she asked why I did and said weird things to complete strangers.

"I don't have much money but I can give smiles, compliments and hugs and they're all free," I said. "And I can give them stories for free, too."

In our society, stories are like barter and people carry stories with them like precious stones. When they need to impress, or share a laugh, they pull out the stories as if to say,"Well, check this out."

My kid as adopted the philosophy and now plays it better than me. A couple years ago in Virginia, a day after Christmas when we filled up on gas at a Sheetz, the nice check-out lady said, "Did ya'll have a good Christmas?"

"She just got out of juvie," I said, pointing to my kid.

"I'm a firestarter," the kid said.

For just a second, the nice lady's eyes were as big as Virginia hams. Then she said, "Oh, you two are so full of poop."

Ten bucks says she tells that story.

Now there are 10 nurses in the Wisconsin northwoods who are going to tell the story of the man who came for a virus shot and handed out Fireball shots.

Happy weekend to those near and far.

Peace and stories unto all of you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. I recall back in July of 1989, Bo Pilgrim (chicken magnate) prowled the Texas state senate floor, handing out blank $10,000 cashiers checks to the august personages he met therein. The protocol breech was quickly contained and all the checks returned, except by O.H. (Ike) Harris, a Republican, who by all accounts, kept his.

    Speaking fowl, why did the chicken hold a séance? To get to the OTHER side.