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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I listened to Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearing on the radio -- what a nothing waffle.

(I just had a nothing burger yesterday and I'm trying to vary my diet. Tonight, I will have a nothing chicken salad sandwich.)

I'm reminded of the story told by River City Mayor George Shinn in describing a wrestling match where two entangled men move not an inch for over an hour in the ring. "Music Man" reference.

Barrett can't comment on much although we already know she's going to be a punch card for Antonin Scalia's judicial philosophy.

And the Democrats can't ask hard questions because they don't want the hearing to turn into a Brett Kavanaugh debacle just three weeks before a presidential election.

It was like watching two high school kids dancing -- 12 inches apart -- because their friends told them to dance with someone.

Honestly, do I have any more metaphors in me to describe nothing?

Go ahead and vote already. Everyone knows what's going to happen. And after that, when Barrett takes her gavel to the Supreme Court, get ready to relitigate every major decision of the past 60 years.

It was like watching "My Dinner with Andre."

Last metaphor -- I promise,

Peace and metaphors unto you my brothers and sisters.

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  1. As I have said before, it is hard to imagine a man of your talents and embracing attitude is unemployed. If you can listen to numerous Democrats embarrassing themselves and our country and call it a nothing waffle you are a man among men.